Mark your skin – best tattoo studios based in Porto

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Tattoo art has always been a way of defining your style and your true self. Over the years it has become not only a symbol of individuality but also a way of representing the ideas, memories in a visual form. Every single country has developed a certain type of style of tattooing and in Porto, we decided to visit the best studios. We choose the ones that are considered the oldest ones that are working in Porto to the newest ones that are already making a mark in the history of tattoo. Next time you will visit Porto, do not forget to visit one of them and their check out the works.

  • Spider Tattoos studio is considered the oldest one which is working in Porto. The studio was opened in 1989 and is offering tattoo design and piercing for their clients. There are 4 members at the studio who do different types of work: Pedro is working with linework tattoing, Kisto – shading, Miguel – bodypiercing and Manuel does traditional type of tattoing and works two days a month with the team. The studio is based in Rua de Cedofeita 389, Porto. The studio fascinates also by the interior space which has a mix of different styles.
  • HeartGallery Tattoo&Piercing studio started to work in November 2010 and is working with every style of tattooing that includes New school, Blackwork, Geometrical and etc. This gives an opportunity to offer the best ideas for their clients that are looking for a unique design solutions. In the studio you can find 3 resident artists (Paulo, Andreia, Marco), plus guest artists from all around the world, all year long. As we ask how they came up with the name, the owner told that they wanted to make a studio in which the work would be done from the heart, because art comes from our inner side. The studio can be found Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade 132 in Porto and will amaze by the unique interior design and amazing atmosphere.
  • FatCat Tattoo studio was opened 5 years ago and it interests not only by its catchy title but also by the service that the studio provides. The place offers not only unique tattoo design but also graphical design solutions like t-shirts, prints, stickers and etc. The studio members work in the New school, Neo traditional, Geometrical style tattoos and offers unique sketches for their clients. The 100/150 € is for an average/medium sized tattoo, for basic small stuff the price starts at 50€ . There are 4 members that work at the place. The studio adress is Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas 166, Porto.
  • Heavy Handers Tattoo studio  is considered as the youngest one from the list because they started working 2 years ago, but already is making a huge impact and step in the world of tattooing. The studio focuses on 3 different styles of tattooing : traditional, Neo traditional and Japanese. There are 4 resident members that work at the moment and all of them are offering different design solutions. The studio makes questspots and work closely with other tattoo studios in Porto. You can find them at Largo São Domingos 13 street in Porto.

All of the studios offer different styles of tattoos which can represent your unique style, personality and concept. Tattoo art is the best way of defining yourself and all of the members that we met during this visit proved how incredible the world of tattooing can be and how unique your look can be represented.

Text and photos – Designer Laura Vanagaitė