Classics and traditions in one place – Barbershop in the heart of Porto


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The place where You hear the sounds of rock and roll hits and notice the posters from the 1950’s decade, along with the French bulldog and the local celebrity – Rocky. The Barbershop Porto, which is located in the heart of Porto – centre of Aliados is hard to miss. Two brothers – Nuno Silva and Carlos Silva established the place and in November it will soon celebrate a 1-year anniversary. And as the two of them state, it is only a start, in which they want to show that the dream is possible.

Barbershop Porto is founded in the former barbershop that begins the history in 1946. The brothers bought the former authentic premises of the barbershop and opened it for the man who adore the traditions and aesthetics. Both brothers knew exactly how their place should look and do not hide that this was the result of considerable effort. Starting from the branding design that represents the style of the Barbershop, and the concept of history itself, to the interior details, and music selection. Everything is thought out and consistently conveys the basic concept – to provide high-end services, and help customers feel a sense of the decade, full of traditions, nurturing, and experience, which every self-respecting and caring for their appearance man must feel. No one forgets about the ambience which plays the major role of this place, the customers are treated by having a drink, a chat and helping them to relax and change the decade for a short time in which the client can feel the spirit of those centuries, that the two brothers brought back to life.


Once You start to know the services of the Barbershop, it is hard not to notice their admiration for the enthusiasm and motivation for what they do. Each shaving is carried out with the utmost precision, paying attention to the process, each cutting is carried out carefully and aesthetically. But it does not stop. In the Barbershop Porto You are also offered to try the hot towel shaving procedure, which helps to open the pores and makes shaving easier and enjoyable and also will bring You to the old times. Once You select the special shaving, the barber forms the beard and moustache with the razor blade. The Barbers raised the traditions of the new role specialization, and today they are happy to say that they have regular customers who do not forget the traditions of sense, which a real man should remember every time. In this place you can find not only aesthetic Barbershop services, but also a tattoo studio, in which You will find a tattoo artist Iñaki. The artist says that this is his first job, and as he says, and that for him it is a starting point, which gives him a lot of experience.

When asked about the future, one of the owners – Carlos Silva says that their plans are growing each day, and wants to set up a barbershop in several places in Porto, where the sound of classic rock and roll hits would play every day and clients would feel the good atmosphere and receive the best services. Barbershop Porto proves that the dream is real and possible only when You believe in it.

Text – Dizainerė Laura Vanagaitė